San Jose Police Officers Association


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The San José Police Officers' Association's mission has evolved since its founding in 1962 as a professional association to that of a full-fledged labor organization. The first contract was negotiated with the City for the fiscal year 1968-69. It consisted of a one and a half page memorandum. The contract established a time and one half rate of pay for officers who worked holidays and it created the Peace Officer Standards and Training reimbursements that are still in effect today. To eliminate the threat of a public safety strike and to insure meaningful negotiation on the part of the City, the POA and Local Firefighters joined to put binding arbitration on the ballot in San José in 1980. After a major campaign by police and fire personnel and a host of community volunteers, San José became a leader in the nation in this type of bargaining when the voters approved Measure M. The POA is charged with the enhancement of wages, benefits and working conditions of the over 1100 men and women of the San José Police Department (SJPD).

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