Garden City Sanitation


Recycling, Waste Disposal, Management, & Removal



Garden City Sanitation (GCS) is committed to protecting public health and safety while providing reliable and efficient service rendered with professionalism, as reflected in the Company's mission statement. The people who make up GCS are local people with a local interest and vision. GCS owners are concerned with their work, their communities, and their industry--and strive to be an integral part of it all. Complete familiarity with their work has been acquired through decades of focus on and commitment to the business of collecting and managing waste streams, and caring for the people encountered at all levels. GCS does not view itself as being outside of or unaccountable to the individuals, communities, or agencies with which it interacts. Rather, the Company understands it exists only because of an opportunity given to serve the public. GCS thrives on proving itself worthy to do so, and chooses to operate in a transparent manner.

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